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This is the Enagic Product Tri-fold brochure for 2018 with descriptions, pricing and layout! and although it’s an excellent brochure to show your prospects all of the Enagic ionizers and how they compare to each other, there have been a couple of changes to the Enagic product line. Pay shipping and get two 25 pk’s for FREE! (See more in description)

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It also introduces your prospect to Kangen drinking Water, Strong Acidic Water, Strong Kangen Water and the Beauty Water. It has a section about the company with some great information about the Water Quality Association, and information about the Japanese Ministry of Health. It also introduces Kangen Ukon. Each ionizer is described with a photo as well as plate surface area, warranty and price.

  • Leveluk K8
  • Leveluk SD-501
  • Leveluk SD-501-U Under Counter
  • Leveluk SD-501 Platinum
  • Leveluk JR II – Discontinued and replaced by JR IV
  • Leveluk R – Discontinued
  • Leveluk Super 501
  • Kangen Ukon
  • Anespa
  • 25 packs LIMIT 2
  • Model: BR-EPB2017-25
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