Whats Wrong With The Water?



This tri-fold brochure is entitled, “What’s Wrong with the Water?” You can see from the cover of this brochure that it will get the attention of the person you hand it to. The cover gives a visual description of the problems we have with our water supply.


Available on backorder


Available on backorder

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This brochure shows your prospect how Bottled Water is not the Answer and it explains why.

It cites resources like the Environmental Working Group as well as the Natural Resources Defense Council, and even a report from the Ralph Nadar Study Group. This is a great brochure to help you explain to your prospect why they need to be thinking about the water they are drinking on a daily basis.

With the bottled water industry over $22 billion annually, and the environmental impact of the plastic bottles, and the problems with storing water in plastic bottles. After educating your prospect about “What’s Wrong with the Water?” they are given the answer. You have the answer. Kangen Water.


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