About us

My Kangen Tools is the number 1 source for Enagic® Sales Distributors to find the best priced marketing and sales tools to grow their business and help spread the word about the amazing Kangen Water! Better Tools, Better Prices, Better Results!

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2008

My Kangen Tools was founded in May of 2008. MKT was established for distributors, by distributors, who wanted to have professional marketing tools to increase their business and spread the word about Kangen Water®! Since then we have started a revolution of powerful tools that have increased sales for all distributors choosing to use our tools!

Not just another sales tool


Telly Award, Communicator Award, AVA Communications Award. Top honors for Top of the Line Products

Thoughtful designs for your business success

We’re just getting started

Products – View all of our current products throughout our website. Why Kangen Water in 20 Minutes DVD and Brochure, Bigger Faster Stronger, Enagic Product Brochure, The Leaders Edge training tools, Experience Alkaline Water DVD and Brochure, and many many more.

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