Why Kangen Water in 20 Minutes DVD



My Kangen Tools 3-time International Award Winning Why Kangen Water®? DVD helped 1000’s of distributors teach their prospects about the benefits of having an Enagic® ionizer and Kangen Water® in their home. Many leaders point to it as having been the tool they “Pushed Play to Go 6A”. With 20 minutes and the touch of a button, you can teach your prospects everything they need to know about Enagic® and Kangen Water®.

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Why Kangen Water®? in 20 Minutes DVD includes: -The 3 main properties of Kangen Water®: Anti-Oxidant, Alkalinity & Micro-Clustering. -Cleaning with Kangen Water® -Environmental impact of bottled water -Cooking with Kangen Water®. BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE: -pH and ORP testing of dozens of bottled waters not normally tested in a water demo. -The original, full-length water demo without cuts or breaks. Share Kangen Water® in just a few minutes with the new Why Kangen Water®? In 20 Minutes DVD. Always an affordable and simple way to build your Enagic® business. Order yours today!

  • DVD’S are $6.99 each when you purchase 1 to 9
  • IF YOU WANT MORE THAN 9 SINGLE DVDs we suggest you order the 10 pack or combo packs in order to get the best pricing.
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