The Microbe Factor



Power up your cells with the Shinya “Little Fast”

Prominent Japanese-American gastroenterologist Hiromi Shinya shows you how to boost your innate immunity in this follow-up to his bestseller, The Enzyme Factor.

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Here Dr. Shinya shows how cells protect and cleanse themselves and how the trillions of bacteria that live inside us can be turned to our benefit. He clearly explains the workings of our body’s rejuvenating enzymes within cells and reveals simple techniques you can use to enhance this revitalizing power, including:

  • The Shinya “Little Fast”
  • The “tummy massage” for natural cleansing
  • The miracle of drinking “good” water
  • The “plant power” diet

It is all part of the Shinya Biozyme, a complete lifestyle, clearly explained here, that can turn trillions of microbes to your benefit and keep the “bad” microbial bugs from destroying your health. You can:

  • Be vibrantly healthy.
  • Attain and keep your natural weight.
  • Be free from depression, nervous tension, or hyperactivity.
  • Overcome allergies.
  • Make small, easy changes for a healthy life.

Dr. Shinya also gives you the whole truth about popular diets — what works, what doesn’t, and why — as he reveals his lifestyle recommendations the Shinya Biozyme, the key to natural beauty and vibrant good health.


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